SportFunnels are a special package of services that are guaranteed to get your membership-based sports company new members fast.

With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and proven case studies, we’re so confident in our methods that we guarantee it.

SportFunnels combine the following strategies in order to funnel qualified leads into your gym, dojo, or studio:

  • Creative and engaging ads
  • Hyper-targeted digital marketing
  • High converting landing and sales pages
  • Real-time lead delivery
  • Expert Coaching and Consulting
If we don’t get you new members, you don’t pay us a dime!

Our Specialties

Martial Arts | Gymnastics | Cheer & Tumbling | Dance

SportFunnels was created as a result of the huge potential in the youth sports market.  Youth Sports is a $15 Billion industry and that number is growing every year.  Youth Sports was one of the very few industries that continued its growth throughout the great recession and its growth has only accelerated since.

Case Study


Spark was hired to develop a custom sales funnel for NinjaZone that interfaced with tools the company was already using such as Slack and Chatlio.


NinjaZone was originally designed as a curriculum for existing gymnastics facilities and it spread like wildfire. Gyms that already had robust female programs saw huge gains in male enrollment. This explosive growth led NinjaZone to try something new, standalone facilities that focused solely on the Ninja Sport.

The challenge was that the Ninja Sport didn’t exist, NinjaZone had invented it. As such, people didn’t know about it.

Spark’s role was to engage the local target audience: parents of children from ages 4-11 and turn them into paying members.


The results of the campaign were phenomenal.  With $800 in ad spend, Spark was able to generate an estimated $27,000 in revenue in the form of memberships, apparel, birthday parties, and more.

The Ad Channel, Sales Funnel, and Special Offer

Spark reached the target market through Facebook by promoting engaging graphics that offered a $1 trial class.  When a parent decided to observe the offer, they were directed to a high-converting landing page that collected their contact information. Seconds later, gym staff was notified with a fun message to let them know that a prospect was waiting.

Sales Coaching

Spark worked with NinjaZone on chat and response time analytics to reduce response time to under 10 minutes which improved their conversion rates significantly. Parents were required to give payment information for the $1 trial immediately upon scheduling so that signing up after the trial was effortless.

Once the children came in for their $1 class, they and their parents were greeted and given a tour of the facility, breaking the facility into subsections in order to build trust and make them feel comfortable in the space. Each trial participant was given a T-Shirt. This accomplished a couple things for NinjaZone. First, it let instructors know who was brand new, so they could make sure they were safe and having fun throughout the whole experience. Second, along with the trial itself, NinjaZone created what we like to call an inequitable value scenario. In other words, we wanted our target to feel like they had received real value from us before they left.

As a result of Spark’s work, and the amazing staff at NinjaZone, approximately 3 in 10 trials resulted in a membership and the total cost of client acquisition was kept under $50 per new student.

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We can talk about pricing, as well as the size of the funnel itself.

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