Introducing SportFunnels: A Simple Member-Building Sales Funnel

Introducing SportFunnels: A Simple Member-Building Sales Funnel

Spark is pleased to announce the launch of our newest product, SportFunnels. SportFunnels are simple and effective sales funnels for membership-based sports companies. The beauty of SportFunnels is there are no toolkits to download to training to undergo. It’s a 100% turnkey service that delivers interested parents to your gym.

There are 3 essential elements of a SportFunnel.

The Offer

A promotional offer is all about lowering the barrier to entry for people to be able to try your services. Most gyms, dojos, and studios already offer free trial classes, but nine times out of ten, businesses don’t know how to properly promote their trial offers. That’s where SportFunnels becomes a natural fit.

The Ad

The ad itself is important, no doubt. We want an ad that begs the user to click it. We want to convey the emotion of joy, confidence, and accomplishment that a child has when they attend your classes. But what’s even more important than the ad itself, is who we present it to. In the case of youth sports, identifying parents that are interested sports, family activities, and have enough resources to send their children to you what we’re looking for. Because we want to use your advertising dollar as efficiently as possible, we choose Facebook and Instagram as our primary ad platform. Why? Because Facebook knows more about its users than any other advertiser.

The Landing Page

The landing page is the page that collects the parents’ contact information. These pages are specifically designed to explain the offer, in detail, to convey the maximum amount of value in order to make a deal. They give us contact information, we give them a trial. From there, the landing page and the forms within automatically send the contact information to your staff who are directed to contact this hot lead immediately! The faster we can respond to their request, the more customers we get, period.

For more information on SportFunnels and how to request more information, please visit the SportFunnels page by clicking this link.

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