selling to the unsellable

At Spark, we focus on targeting a very specific type of lawyer for our court reporting firm owners, traveling lawyers.  When lawyers travel, they often don't have a relationship with the court reporter they will inevitably use.  Being ranked #1 on Google statistically entitles you to 1/3 of all of the people searching for court reporters in a particular area.  Our goal is to help you sell to these lawyers that you otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to meet.

our main objectives

Thought Leaders

Our content management services allow your views to shine through to a growing readership.

strategic rank improvement

We consistently raise your rank in Google search results using only white hat techniques.

press releases

Stay at the forefront of the industry, gain backlinks, and advertise with press releases.

high performance websites

Spark websites are hosted on fast, dedicated servers for the convenience of your users.

Why Spark?

Users Who Click Organic vs. Paid Results
Traffic for #1 organic search result
Mobile vs. Desktop Searches
Consumers that conduct local searches on search engines

what our customers say?

This is awesome. I love seeing statistics like that, showing the progress. You've done a lot for our site that I lack the know-how to do, and I greatly appreciate it! 🙂