What We

Digital Marketing

Strategic planning

Market Research

Understanding your customers and competitors is the first step to a well-executed digital marketing strategy. Every business and every industry is different in terms of the level of online competition and the amount of effort it will take to be highly visible. 

Competitive Analysis

Understanding how much effort is required in a successful strategy depends largely on what your competitors have already done online, and your prior work as well.  We employ industry-leading tools from Moz to understand how you’re currently performing so we can make the appropriate adjustments while taking advantage of the gains you’ve already made. 


Basis our Market Research and Competitive Analysis, we’ll identify a suite of services that we think will help your company.  This may be any combination of web design, search engine optimization, and digital advertising. 

First Impressions

Visual ID


The first step to a successful marketing campaign is a recognizable and descriptive logo.  A simple logo can convey a huge amount of information to your customer. It sets the tone for your brand and guides the rest of the design process.

Font/Color Schemes

New, old, fresh, traditional, serious, playful, responsible, on the bleeding edge…  All of these adjectives can be conveyed through colors and fonts. Matching the colors and fonts to the feelings and characteristics that you want to convey to your customers is a major part of making your brand recognizable.

Website Creation and Management

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in the creation of an easily found and functionally optimized website. Search engines like Google expect a website to be fast, secure, and easy to navigate as a very basic qualification for being found in search results. Beyond these qualifications, keyword placement, content development, and security updates all play an important role in being found and staying found. 

Data Science


Marketing Automation

Whether you use 3rd party marketing software or prefer to do your own, we can assist in building systems that work seamlessly with your website. 

Industry Software Integration

Many industries have preferred software vendors that offer web applications.  These applications may range from CRM integrations to functional task-based software. Spark-built websites are compatible with virtually all 3rd party web applications that offer WordPress Plugins or iframe embed code.